R-M Paint

R-M is much more than a premium paint manufacturer. R-M operates like a genuine business partner and has been recognized as a major player in automotive refinishing for almost a century.

R-M’s unparalleled experience, flexibility and customer focus ensures the brand continues to provide the highest level of support and partnership with its innovative, easy-to-use solutions and high colour competence – always to ensure an increased productivity and customers business success worldwide.


Baslac® offers you an overall modern solution to do all refinishing jobs on the car quickly and with best results. As part of BASF, a leading global manufacturer, baslac® provides reliable color competence, excellent product quality and a modern, e-oriented customer service

baslac® provides you a lean and easy to use range of high quality refinishing products at a cost effective price. The specially designed portfolio offers all the products required to complete a professional repair with outstanding results.


The Palinal product range has always been characterized by innovative technology and high quality. The products offered comply with all the requirements of daily work in the body shop, body work and industry and are in line with new European regulations in terms of VOC emissions.

Through these products it is possible to prepare a complete painting cycle including fillers, primers, undercoats, glazes, transparent, diluents and catalysts. The science of colour is an essential part of corporate know-how. An equipped laboratory studies and guarantees the colour reproducibility and the development of the sample colours in 24 h.

Mirka LTD

Mirka Ltd is a world leader in abrasives technology innovation, offering a complete range of technically superior, high quality abrasives, innovatively designed tools, supplementary products and complete sanding systems.

This total innovative solution delivers real benefits to customers in terms of speed, first-class efficiency, surface finish quality and cost effectiveness, even when tackling the most demanding applications.

Car System

Car System is a brand of Vosschemie GmbH. We have been distributing products for the field of professional finishes since the Car System brand was introduced in 1994. Vosschemie GmbH originated in the development of polyester filling compounds for car body repair.

Vosschemie GmbH was a forerunner and standard setter in the production of polyester filling compounds. Over the years, we have become a well-known brand which distributes its products worldwide.


The Presta line of products has been specifically formulated to deliver exceptional results on all painted surfaces. Whether your paint is clear or single stage, whether new or old, Presta products will help you create a dazzling, finish.

Presta is the perfect choice for gel coats, mold refinishing, composites, Plexiglas and fiberglass. Our unique system of color-coded chemicals and buffing pads is easy to understand and helps ensure an optimal finish.


Our close cooperation with painters from various trades and industry as well as our research and development departments with application technicians from the leading paint manufacturers allow us to produce superior products of the highest quality.

“SATA Quality” is a firm conviction for any painter: reliability, durability and ergonomics of their SATA products are not something to be questioned.


Gerson is a prime manufacturer of its principle products, assuring that each product is produced to our unique and exacting specifications.

Our melt-blown filter material for particulate filtration is manufactured in Middleboro, Massachusetts and provides outstanding filtration characteristics for our filtering facepiece respirators and “prefilters” for chemical cartridges.


Since 1974, the Rodcraft brand stands for high-quality products and services. Founded in Germany, Rodcraft has grown steadily to become one of the world’s leading brands of pneumatic tools and workshop equipment dedicated to the vehicle service and industrial maintenance applications.

Through constant investment in research and development, our products feature many patented designs such as our composite sander series and latest impact wrenches.


Stayer was born in 1958 as a manufacturer of cutting machines and power tools.Since his birth has pursued the goal of developing professional products for craft and industry.

Over time, through a constant evolutionary process of growth and diversification of production, Stayer has built his image on the market that gradually has been consolidated and established worldwide.


Scangrip is continually moving, and in just a few years, we have achieved enormous success with our range of durable and functional lighting solutions for the professional market.

We are always two steps ahead when it comes to developing new and innovative LED work lights. The technology of LEDs and batteries is constantly evolving, and due to our distinctive strength, we have the ability to take advantage of these multiple technological opportunities.


Sykes-Pickavant has been manufacturing and distributing tools since 1921. The Sykes-Pickavant brand is well known worldwide as a guarantee of quality products, service and real value for money.

Until recently, the company was owned by Facom Tools and the Stanley Corporation. Now, once again it is an independently owned company, fully responsible for its own development.